What To Do When You Are Moving Out Of State

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Moving out of state, especially across the country, can be rather overwhelming. After all, it’s not like you’re just moving down the street. This will be a completely new state with different trends, places to shop, and several other things that you will have to learn. Don’t let this damper this crucial milestone in your life!

These out of state moving tips will help you get through this new adventure with ease.

The first part of moving is not packing, but rather, purging your things. There is no better time than the move to get rid of the things you always meant to do away with, that simply don’t work anymore, or that you really don’t need around. The less stuff you have to move around with, the easier the move will be. That aside, the best way to start this new chapter of your life is to start fresh and simple.

Next, gather up all of your records and keep them organized. Collect your medical, veterinary, school, and any other type of important records to make it all the easier to transfer to your new city and state. You should keep all of these important papers in binders, folders, or other filing system to ensure that you won’t lose them or have to dig for them later on.

After you have all of your records, you need to update your information on a few things including your driver’s license, your mailing address, and where you are registered to vote. Much like with your records, this will make things way easier down the line and will allow you to focus on getting used to your new home rather than stressing about forms and how to get information changed.

Now it’s time to get packed! Make sure to label everything and think about what items you will want during your first day and what items you can do without for a while. For example, toiletries, sleep and bedroom accessories, and everyday clothes are all things you won’t be happy to be without on the first day. In fact, any items you want on the first day you might want to take yourself in a suitcase or box to ensure you have it with you encase the moving truck gets slowed down or you need to stop at a hotel.

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  • Isabel

    I am going to move again next year and reading your article just reminded me that I have to start my inventory as early as possible. Above all, I need to start ‘purging’ my stuff and throw away or donate things that I don’t use or need.Thanks!

  • Adeline Ee

    Document management!! I can’t remember how many important documents I’ve lost while moving constantly from one place to the next. Have all the important stuff in a ‘grab bag’ and guard the bag with your life!

  • Wendy

    I always managed my documents carefully. I just needed to carefully get rid of things that’s not important for me anymore.

  • Mike Sanders

    Ugh, I always forget to update all my information after a move, and it usually takes me weeks. I hear you can actually make those address changes and get your mail forwarded days before you move, and save yourself a lot of hassle. And that box of necessities, I won’t forget that this time!

  • Christine

    Now i see why having some kind of structure and a ‘game plan’ works out well for most. I’m usually a mess when moving and i’m sure it could have been done in a less chaotic fashion

  • Sheila Chingwa

    Labeling boxes and purging items is needed during the move. Keeping important papers at hand is another thing that I had not thought of with a move. A new job may need information and knowing what box they are in is important. Good tips here!

  • Jhei

    The “purging” part is probably the most difficult for those who are “sentimental”. It’s not a bad thing, but it’s what makes moving to a new home, far away from the old, quite a chore. I have a roomful of video game machines and cartridges that I take along with me every time I move to a new city. I just can’t seem to let them go. Good thing I can get they all fit in my van! many thanks to the writer about the tip regarding my documents. I always seem to remember that bit last in whenever I move!

  • Jenn T

    This was fabulous advice! I think purging was probably the best tip. Thinking of my own home I know there are many things I can get rid of especially before my next move.

  • Hannah Cortes

    Two weeks before moving out, I put my clothes into three categories: keep, donate, and throw away. It really helped me organize my closet. I was able to keep the important stuff, donate to charity and dispose of what isn’t necessary.

  • Judy Martin

    Changing states is a hassle. Transferring the kids to new schools,
    finding a new doctor, getting a new license and filling out a change
    of address card at the post office are all things to think of amid
    everything else that’s looming.

  • Lucy Tan

    Moving always means i have to throw out a bunch of stuff, and I am intensely sentimental!

  • Toni Fontello

    Proper preparation is the key to a smooth move! Keeping contact numbers and information all together is a good idea–you never know when you may need it right away! Moving out of state isn’t like moving down the street where you can just run back to the old address for something forgotten! Out of state moving could take a few days to reach your destination and meanwhile you need something that you forgot to pack or can’t find where you put it!

  • Jessie

    Great article, great advice! Although ‘purging’ your possessions may seem difficult, this is a great way to add some extra funding to your move by having a huge garage sale or selling on Craigslist. This is a great way to help your local community as well, by donating to local and national charities such as homeless or women’s shelters, The Salvation Army, or the Disabled American Veterans. You’ll have some extra money and the pleasure of helping less fortunate folks, too!

  • Mary Simmons

    Moving out of state does pose a lot of challenges.
    The best tip here is keeping your important papers
    all in one place where you can find them.

  • Greg

    Thank for the moving quote link! It is very useful for me to set my budget.

  • Shiela

    Making a to-do list and keeping record of all your stuff are the most important thing during moving. Based on my experience, unpacking is also a stressing thing to do. But having a list of all your stuff and labels on the boxes, you can unpack your stuff starting from the most important ones.

  • Kate Townsend

    It’s a big deal to change everything from one state to another.
    One of the best tips here is registering to vote in your new
    home state.

  • Carmen

    Moving is really a tiring and stressful thing to do. I find labeling things very helpful. Also, a good song playlist to keep the mood good won’t hurt.

  • Kayla

    Deciding which to keep and which to throw away is the hardest part of moving for me. I feel like every little thing has its own memory worth saving.

  • Tracy Newnam

    LABELING is the most important tip of all.
    It helped me find what I needed in my new

  • Yuen Ling Elaine Au Yeung

    “Now it’s time to get packed! Make sure to label everything and think about what items you will want during your first day and what items you can do without for a while. ” I agreed so. What I think that, if you have some glass-wares to be moved, you also need to prepare the ‘fragile’ packing lables, for sticking outside the boxes.

  • NathMaxwell

    Nice Blog !
    Whether you are looking moving company in san francisco, redwood city, palo alto and sunnyvale so no go further, Moving Forward best option for you.

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