Compare Cross Country Moving Companies & Win!

By getting multiple moving quotes online from the best cross country moving companies in your area you are increasing your chances of finding the best moving costs incredibly. Only licensed and trusted movers in your area ready to compete for your business will contact you through our risk free form below. Compare there moving estimates and see if one fits your needs, no pressure and no commitments!

It doesn't matter whether you are moving from the east coast to the west coast, Florida to Phoenix, or just a few states over, we can get you multiple quotes from movers that will be competing for your business and you will get the cheapest priced long distance moving quotes online today!


  • Jeff Lawson

    This is a great concept. I am really glad that I found this site. I have been looking for moving quotes all day as I am moving from Cleveland to Phoenix in a couple weeks and need to get a good deal on movers. I already received 2 quotes a few minutes ago and they are better then the one’s I had found on my own.

  • Tim L.

    Getting moving quotes for my across country move from Boston to San Francisco really helped me save some time when searching for the right moving company for me. I got a great job and had to leave all my stuff early in storage, but it arrived in the time arranged and I got a price that was within my budget.

  • Tyler M.

    I got a good quote for my move from the east coast out to the sun and fun of CA in Los Angeles. If I hadn’t got those 6 quotes and did my research I don’t know how it would have turned out.

  • Sasha S.

    This process was super easy. I did get a lot of calls from movers eager for my business, which was actually pretty nice. They knew that I had a lot of options so they would have to work with me on the price. We had a pretty big house in Phoenix AZ and had quite a few heavy items to move all the way to Dallas, Texas. Got 5 quotes and a a price I was happy with.

  • Mark Jones

    Wow, I can’t believe how fast I got my moving shopping done with these quotes. I had 5 companies contact me with offers within a few days and I got a great price!

  • Adam Andrews

    This is a great service. It is awesome how I just got 5 moving quotes in less then 24 hours and now they keep outbidding each other. Saved at least 600.00 on this move because of this website. THANKS!!!

  • Tina Henderson

    This helped me so much. I had movers competing for my business. They kept lowering the quotes, This is great!!

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