Exactly How Much Does It Cost To Move Across Country?

Cost to move across country
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Whether you’re moving now or in the future, you have probably asked yourself “how much does it cost to move across country” and you’re concerned about the cost. After all, you have just purchased a new home or found an apartment to rent so money is a valid concern. In today’s economic market, every penny saved drastically adds up which is why finding the most cost effective way to move is important for almost every bracket of income earning Americans.

There are companies that will help you move across the country and while some of them may be cheap, some of them may be expensive and some of these companies are simply run down scam artists who steal things.

Tips to save money and time when you’re looking into your cost to move across country

Research – You can never be careful enough or do enough research. If you have neighbors or friends who have personally moved a great distance and used moving companies, it wouldn’t hurt to ask them or get their opinion on a particular company or for advice in general.

Internet – Your most powerful research tool by far would be the world wide web. Chances are, if a company has been used more than once for anything, someone has reviewed them on the internet. Some of the keywords you can type in to see if there are any negative reviews of a company is to type in “scam” or “bad review” after the company name in your favorite search engine. Don’t take every review seriously though, some people leave misleading reviews to try to boost another companies standings and drive more business to them.

Cost – There’s no getting around it, you will pay money and a good chunk of change at that. You have to find the most cost effective company who can do it but yet still be reliable. The old saying goes, you only get what you pay for and that holds true even for moving companies. How much does it cost to move across country will also depend upon how much stuff you have and just exactly how far you need to move it to.

If a company is dirt cheap, don’t expect professional movers and supreme service to show up at your door. While some of these cheap companies are still reliable and get the job done, this goes back to my first point which is research. You must always research.

Moving across country
Moving is an exciting time!

When moving anywhere or figuring out how much it will cost tomove across country, you will find plenty of options available to accommodate your moving needs. You just have to make sure not to fall victims of scam or fall in the hands of shady movers who are not real movers but vehicle thieves and personal item thieves. Make sure to write down the serial of every important or expensive item you have regardless of which company you hire before they move your things. In order to find the best and most cost effective solution, you will have to spend a lengthy amount of time researching different companies and options.

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  • Chuck

    I’ve moved quite a few times across the country, some on my own some with moving companies after my finances allowed. Remember that moving expenses can be tax deductible and you can save money off them, especially if you are moving for work related reasons. I think getting moving quotes from 5 moving companies about 3 months in advance of your move is the way to go, pick a company based on reviews on sites that you know provide the best services for what you need. Thanks for the quotes I got a quote I am happy with for my upcoming move to San Francisco. Good Luck

  • Walter

    Asking friends and family is a great way to find a moving company for you. I used my twitter and Facebook to get some suggestions after I got some quotes from this website.

  • Jenny

    I’m moving from Boston to Phoenix at the end of the month, and just got some moving quotes from your site. I need to ship some plants, is there any moving companies that provide this service?

  • www.findcrosscountrymovers.com

    Hi Jenny, from what I understand plants require a more intense checking process when going from state to state, just as produce has to be checked when it crosses state lines. So no cross country moving companies that I know of carry plants, some might make a special circumstance but it will definitely come with an extra charge. Uship.com or FedEx would be my suggestions. Good Luck!

  • Brad Remmy

    I think that I am going to use a moving company for the first time! I am moving from Seattle to NYC and my new company has offered a great moving allowance that I am taking full advantage of. I found your site through your Hubpage at: http://brainspike.hubpages.com/hub/How-to-Save-Money-When-Moving-Coast-To-Coast… thanks for the tips I will be keeping my receipts for my taxes!

  • Tom W.

    With the expense of moving nowadays, it can be much cheaper to move yourself, or so I thought. I priced out how much it would cost to rent a truck, drive it to San Francisco from Chicago with gas, stopping at 2 hotels along the way with food, and it only came out to being about 750$ more for me to hire professional long distance movers. Make sure you do the math before to see if the cost difference is worth it to you. In my case it was.

  • Linda

    Thanks for the free quotes! it really helped simplify my choices to simplify it down to a few companies and then do some research.

  • A Guy

    Good tips! I found a bunch of free boxes for moving from the Sprouts grocery store around the corner to my house. Also I got quotes from this site, the moving companies are VERY interested in your business, I do think that the price lowers when they know another 5-8 companies are receiving your request for services, competition always lowers the price of any service.

  • Jim Reed

    Exactly was kind of a stretch, but good tactics all the same!

  • Terry Johnson

    Great Article! This had a lot of helpful info for moving across country. Keep up the good work

  • Adeline Ee

    Always a balance between reliability and cost, I’d pay more for the peace of mind and knowledge that my precious belongings are safe and on the way to the new home

  • Isabel

    Getting your inventory done is one of the first things you have to do when moving. This will help you and companies when making a quote for removal. It is also used for estimating the insurance to replace stuff that might be lost or damaged during transportation.

  • Wendy

    Thanks for the tips! I haven’t moved across country yet but this could give me an idea . I think I would have to ask for some help also with me relatives.

  • Toni Fontello

    The cheapest price may not be the best in terms of professionalism and quality. You also don’t want to pay full dollar that includes hidden or ridiculous fees of thieving companies. Some wait until the last minute and just pick the nicest person, but nice isn’t always honest.

  • akshey

    It is important to save money but it should not come at cost of lower quality. Lower quotes may sometimes also mean lower quality.

  • jitin kumar

    Appropriate research can save you a lot of money. Testimonials over the internet and reviews from relatives/friends are also very helpful.

  • April O.

    Moving across the country entails a lot of consideration to take and one of the most important of all is the finances to go through with the move. Choosing the right cross country mover that fits within your budget and has a good quality of service should be something to ponder upon to be able to save and avoid unnecessary expenses.

  • Jerome Williams

    I’ve got to make a move in the next couple of months, and this really hits the nail on the head. I’ve done some research, but I still haven’t found that right company for me yet. They all are expensive, so be prepared, but you’ll have a much easier time than doing it all yourself.

  • Susan Ellis

    Moving can be a nightmare if not done correctly. Due to the nature of my work I’ve had to move numerous times. I’ve always obtained quotes from at least 3 moving companies prior to the move. On more than 1 occasion I have been able to get a moving company I preferred to match the lowest quote. I’ve also advertised to share a removal truck when moving inter-state saving me money.

  • Sheila Chingwa

    Moving is stressful enough without getting scammed on top of it. Researching the moving company is important so this doesn’t happen during the move. References would be appreciated when choosing a company.

  • Jhei

    The suggestions herein are very helpful indeed! The sharing of this information is highly appreciated. Personally though, I usually spend more whenever I do move. This is not because of lack of preparation and all that. It is because I prefer to go about it in a leisurely manner. Whenever I move, I sort of go sightseeing along the way. I purchase souvenirs and stuff along the way, eat in pleasant looking diners and restaurants, and rest in areas with a good view. Yep, my way costs more time and money, but it sure is fun!

  • Samantha

    I’d definitely ask for more help from friends and family to save costs

  • Lance Arnaud

    Good advice here. It’s important to do your homework when
    planning a move like this. The cheapest moving quote might
    not be the best value. Calculating your costs beforehand can
    save you money in the long run.

  • Gracie Reed

    I don’t know if you can figure out exactly what your costs will be.
    But you can get a pretty good estimate of what you’re going to
    spend. And I don’t mean an estimate just from moving companies.
    Try to add up all the other expenses you might incur. You’ll have
    to eat meals along the way and pay for motels. Incidentals add
    up too, and those can add a lot to the cost of a move.

  • Hannah Cortes

    I always check review sites like Yelp and Angie’s List for authentic customer feedback. I also keep in mind recommendations from friends or family.

  • Rick Leonard

    I am kind of worried about how much it’s going to cost
    to move so far away. Have to get a bunch of estimates
    from movers just to start.

  • George Short

    Ask for advice from people you know who have been through a
    move like this. They may have good advice about moving

  • Lucy Tan

    Didn’t know that moving was tax deductible, i think i will be hiring a moving company to ease the stress of moving, next time

  • Nath

    The cost of moving, short or long distance, can be expensive. However, the cost wouldn’t matter much depending on who one is gonna give the money to. For instance, I had a couple of my buddies figure out a way to borrow a truck. They were able to. I convinced them to accompany my journey to my new home. They did. The expenses on that move was only for gas, food, and a couple of fun things along the way – worth it!

  • Jessie

    Another suggestion to lower moving costs – whatever type of move you decide to make – is to down-size the amount of items you are moving! Have a huge garage sale, sell on Craigslist, and donate to national and local charities such as Goodwill, The Salvation Army, and Disabled American Veterans, along with local homeless shelters. Move less stuff, save more money!

  • Yuen Ling Elaine Au yeung

    “You have to find the most cost effective company who can do it but yet still be reliable. The old saying goes, you only get what you pay for and that holds true even for moving companies. ” I agreed so. What I think that, when you go out for a walk, and see the moving truck behind your neighbourhood, you can ask for the moving company’s business card. It will be one of cost effective way to search a reliable moving company.

  • Mary Simmons

    Writing down the serial number or other verifiable identification
    of valuable things you are moving across country is something
    you won’t regret. You are putting into the hands of strangers.

  • Amy

    Moving is a very painful thing to do, especially across the country. I think it is very costly and tiring.

  • Rebecca

    In my opinion, the hardest part in moving is to pack and sort stuff you have. It is hard to decide, which to keep and which to toss away. I tend to keep all my stuff and it of course costs more to bring.

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