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Relocation can be an overwhelming mission especially when it involves having to lug a hard to move specialty item like a grand piano. Moving is even a bigger difficulty when it has to be done across the country. Now imagine having to transport items or furnishings that do not exactly fit in a standard box, or any box for the matter, from one coast to another. It is likely that not only will this be a stressful task to undertake & it will likely be an expensive one.

Thankfully there are many enterprising individuals who have made it their duty to accommodate certain niche market moving needs. Take for example the availability of cross country piano moving services. While this is not an item that a person would most likely want to ship from one destination to another especially not at huge distances, there are occasions when it does occur. Pianos can be very valuable and moving them requires extreme care and careful planning. Furthermore many relocation jobs do not merely involve a homeowner, sometimes these involves picking up an item from a warehouse or any other location aside from the usual residence or office space. Whatever the reasons may be, having the option to simply hire Cross Country Piano Moving companies makes transporting something as huge as a piano an easier job.

Professional Moving Companies Will Move All Types of Pianos:

  • Vertical Pianos
  • Spinet
  • Console
  • Studio
  • Upright
  • Horizontal Pianos
  • Petite Grand
  • Baby Grand
  • Medium Grand
  • Parlor Grand
  • Semiconcert or Ballroom
  • Concert Grand

There are various types of Cross Country Piano Moving services. It is erroneous to believe that the only relocation service being done occurs from one state to another. Depending on the Cross Country Piano Moving company, the services can involve the relocation within the same state, interstate or even from one country to another. Individuals looking to transport their musical instrument via a cross country piano moving service should check their transport options. Knowing under which moving category they fit in will help give a general idea of what needs to be done and the fees that accompany it. Our site can help make this process easy, by offering quotes from top companies that are capable of moving such a product.

Professionals know exactly how to protect your Piano from damage!
Professionals know exactly how to protect your Piano from damage!

Generally a great deal of cross country piano moving companies will be happy to give a free estimation of costs if not an exact fee for their service. Since the item in question for transport is somewhat fragile and is unusual in size and shape, having an overall idea of how the cross country piano moving company plans to undertake the transport is an essential detail to be informed of. For the ease of mind of clients a good number of Cross Country Piano Moving services will disclose this information after all providing quality and efficient service is an essential part of this service industry. Choose the Cross Country Piano Moving services wisely, appropriate research will ensure that you get the best service and value for your money. You will want to make sure to purchase moving insurance for something as important and expensive as a piano, and most moving companies will require this.

Ever wanted to see how its done? Check out these videos from piano moving pros from across the country.

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