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Transporting Your Vehicles Across the Country

When relocating, there is a lot to think about, especially if moving overseas or across the country. If you’re a family with more than one vehicle, you will have to make arrangements for one or more of your cars to be transported, especially if you are going to fly to your new destination.

The logistics involved can be very exhausting. You need to find a moving or auto transport company that will safely get your car from one point to the other. It’s best to get at least three quotes to get started. Make sure they all carry vehicles that are similar to yours and they travel to your designated area before putting them on your list. Once you’ve pinpointed the best ones and have compiled your list, do your research. Check to see what their cross-country moving record is at the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, and also check their record at the Better Business Bureau. This should give you a good idea as to the type of company they are and how they operate.

There are many benefits of having your car shipped or transported to your new location:

Gas – the expense of gas is null and void. Truthfully, driving your car across the country by yourself will probably be more expensive than if you had it transported.
Time – the time it will take to drive your car will be cut in half. Your vehicle will be on a time schedule and you won’t have to deal with various stops that usually occur when you’re on the road.
If your car is going to a vehicle storage facility, your paperwork can be done ahead of time and your vehicle can be stored even when you aren’t there.
Miles and wear and tear on your vehicle are limited to zero, which can save you maintenance fees and keep the value of your car or truck. If you are leasing your vehicle, take into consideration that you can save on mileage overages as well.

Once you decide on the company, read the fine print in your contract. Take pictures of your vehicle, outside and inside to have a record of what your vehicles looked like prior to being transported. If you incur any damage, make sure the company will cover it. You may also want to contact your car insurance company to see what coverage exists for your car being transported and purchase an additional transport policy. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Make sure you know what type of vehicle moving company you are using. Is your vehicle going to be on a rack system with other cars, in a moving truck, or will it be on a flatbed? These are all important factors to consider that will affect the pricing of your quote. Find out how the car will be secured, and whether or not their systems are automated so that you can track your vehicle online. Find out whether or not personal belongings can be inside of the vehicle, and do not fill the car up with gas.

All of these things are important in ensuring you have the best experience possible when relocating your vehicles. Taking the time to do the research always pays off in the end. If you are packaging your auto transport with the rest of your household goods you can also save money.

About the Author: Allaire William is a professional writer for the Self Storage Blog and specializes in SEO content marketing. When not writing, she is helping clients find the best storage units from self storage facilities in Orlando to self storage in Chicago.