Moving To Another Country For A New College/University Year

Moving Cross Country for a University year abroad

A year abroad is an exciting and unique opportunity to explore the world, immerse yourself in a new country and learn in a new environment, all with the burden-free lifestyle that university offers. Whether for a semester or a year, or perhaps for your whole degree, you can enjoy the experience of moving away from home, living abroad and experiencing once in a lifetime opportunities in the knowledge that it isn’t the be all and end all, with support from your home institution, the structure of an education system and an opportunity to see the world as a care free youth. If you’re embarking on a study abroad program, this guide will help you with the basics of choosing your course and destination, packing, moving and settling in.

Where to go

Your university will help you greatly with options of where to go and what to do. It’s important to retain your overall objectives when making your decision and to choose somewhere which will benefit your overall degree. For example, if studying animal medicine, moving to a country that has countless wildlife can give you a unique and competitive edge in the job market, similarly, fashion students who study in Paris will really be ahead of the game come graduation. It is important to bear in mind language skills, the level of education and the expectations of a certain institution. Thankfully, your university will have close links with a number of education centers making the choice that little bit easier and your application will be judged on certain criteria. Last but not least, you should go where you feel you will get the most personal benefit. If you’re keen to learn a new language, don’t feel forced into studying in Australia. It will be great to move down under, but it won’t do your German any good.

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What to pack

The best thing about moving for University is you will more than likely be living in student accommodation; furnished accommodation in a town designed for the student lifestyle and needs. That means you shouldn’t need to pack that much. Take all the clothes you could need, remembering to take into consideration the climate and how long you will be studying for. Unless you’re going to the other side of the world, it’s likely you’ll be visiting home once or twice, which means you can do a seasonal swap of your wardrobe when the weather changes. Moving into halls of residence means you don’t need to pack many household items, but it is important to remember essentials such as adapters, document and any branded items you couldn’t live without. For a bit of luxury, pack some nice outfits for all those parties you’ll be enjoying and few items to remind you of home will definitely be a savior when you’re feeling quite far from loved ones. /Handy Moves removals company

What to do

After moving, you’ll be welcomed onto your new campus immediately. It’s important to think of this as starting university all over again, with the added stress of settling into a completely new country, culture and sometimes, language. First thing’s first, is you need to make friends; hopefully, you’ll be sharing living space with other students which have moved from abroad, so they’ll be a great help for both enjoying the local nightlife and for when things get a bit tough. Accept all invitations, even if it’s not really your thing; only by being out there can you really get a feel for a new place, grow your social circle and really enjoy your adventure. Shortly after moving in and settling down, you should get to know the university’s international office, as they’re great at organising social events to suit every kind of student; from wild parties to cookery nights, meaning you’ll be inundated with new friends in no time. London removals and relocation