What To Do On Your First Day In The New House

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The first day in your new house is always exciting, but also a bit overwhelming. So what should you do first?

First things first, thank your cross country movers!

If they have done a good job, take the time to thank them and even tip them for the extra care. If you have some extra snacks and drinks around, treat them to a break.

Check if the appliances and switches are working properly.

You don’t want to end up in a cold house because there’s something wrong with the heating and you didn’t check it when moving in. This is important because if there are appliances or anything else to fix you can include it in your to-do tasks and take care of it as soon as you can.

Get to cleaning.

Though it depend on the condition of the home, a little cleanup is a pretty good place to start. You don’t have to go around scrubbing down the place, but do a little dusting to get rid of any cobwebs that may have been created while it was waiting. Once that’s done, you can start arranging the furniture and unpacking the boxes.

Take care of what you and your family needs.

Get the boiler heated up, get out some snacks, order a pizza, and just do whatever you need to for you. Don’t waste extra energy on cooking, if you don’t have the extra time to do it.

The unpacking.

The first thing you should unpack is the basic bedroom gear such as blankets, pillows, and sheets. This way there will be a bed waiting for you and your family when you get tired from all the unpacking. Next, open up the essentials box with basic things that you will need like a clean set of clothes, things for the bathroom, and so on.

Make sure the kids are kept busy.

You can give them some small tasks to do like bring you smaller boxes for unpacking or arrange a playground area in one of the rooms with toys if they are young. If you have teenagers, give them the freedom to do some arrangements in their own room. The moving process can be rather stressful for kids and teenagers, so allow them to have a chance to start fresh too.

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  • Akshey Joshi

    Making sure that kids are stress free is very important. If you are constantly changing your house, then it can become a bit stressful for the kids

  • Yuen Ling Elaine Au Yeung

    “If they have done a good job, take the time to thank them and even tip them for the extra care. If you have some extra snacks and drinks around, treat them to a break.” I agreed so. I feel that movers are deserved, if they done a professional job. Sometimes, tips are to thank them, and show respectful.

  • jitin kumar

    I agree with every point mentioned here, especially about making sure that appliances and switches are working properly. You want to make sure that before moving in all the essential appliances are properly working

  • April O.

    Yes, first day in a new house is always overwhelming indeed. First things first, unpack all the basic necessities that you and your family needs if moving together with the family like food ,cooking wares or kitchen wares ,bedroom and bathroom needs. Moving to a new place can be so tiring so it is important to be well organized so that moving won’t be too exhausting.

  • Adeline Ee

    It’s a systematic way of ensuring that you get settled as soon as possible in your new home, with minimal disruptions to the every day life of your family. Thanks!

  • Isabel

    We let our kids have their own suitcases where they can put their essential items from a favourite stuffed toy to a drawing. This way, they won’t feel too far away from home or have always a piece of home.

  • Jenn T

    I really like the idea of tipping the movers and offering them a snack that wasn’t something I had ever thought of before, but now that I have I have to admit they totally deserve it. I also like the idea of a playground or play place for small children, anything to distract them and keep them from being under foot is a great idea!

  • Francisco Javier Granillo

    I like the overall idea of how to thank the movers to the giving the kids their space. The pizza and getting the bed ready really caught my attention. Very good advice on how to prepare in my new home.

  • Danyel

    Moving can be stressful when single, even more so with a family, and professional movers can alleviate a lot of stress. An important thing that is overlooked in almost all moving experiences is to simply relax! It is supposed to be the beginning of a new chapter in ones lives and stressing will make it harder! I would also suggest that items that may be in high demand, such as toilet paper, be packed separately not in a box! You do not want to be looking all over for that box when the time comes.

  • Sheila Chingwa

    Cleaning and unpacking the basics is a good start when getting to a new house. Divide and conquer is a good thing. Good suggestions here.

  • Jenni Hawkins

    Good advice here. Being organized is essential. Keeping the kids
    occupied and unpacking the can’t-do-withouts will get you off to
    a good start. Be sure to than the guys who moved you all that

  • Jhei

    Thank you for sorting this out for the rest of us! I am certain that most of us already have an idea as to how to manage this, but organizing it the way it is stated in this article makes it a lot clearer.

  • Yosleidis Fleitas

    I always pack a ‘welcome box’ with all I’ll be needing that day. I like to not stress over unpack everything the same day. Relax do it slowly. Also kids entertainment is super important! They can get stress out too so keep in mind!

  • Daniel Ong

    Very interesting article on what to expect and to do on your first day at new house! Really brings back alot memories during my time when I move into my new houses! Not easy experience but at least there are certain things to look out for to ensure that our stay is a fruitful one with no problems!

  • Barbara Austin

    They’re right. Clean up first thing, especially the bathroom and tub!
    You really want the kids to have their first bath in a spotless
    tub. It will make it seem like home sooner.

  • Samantha

    The first day in your new house is always exciting yet intimidating, so much to do! Great list!

  • Toni Fontello

    Anyone who’s moved just wants to start unpacking and get their possessions put away so they can get rid of boxes. I know I did! But this article lists the important things to do first and to take your time and not overwhelm yourself. It’s overwhelming enough to relocate–don’t need to add to the stress! Have fun with it instead of it being a chore!

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