The Top Six Things to Know About Moving to Buffalo, New York

Moving to Buffalo
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If you’re moving to Buffalo, New York, from another part of the country, you’ll want to know a few things before you move–and we have the inside information to help your transition be seamless and to help the adjustment be quicker. You’re in luck, because Buffalo is a rich and exciting place to be these days. Below, check out our top six things to know about moving to Buffalo, New York:

1. It can be very cold and very snowy in the fall and winter seasons. Don’t confuse it with New York City; Buffalo is far to the north, in Western New York. Be aware of the possibility of a long, snowy winter, and time your move for best weather to make it easy on yourself, in late spring, early fall, or summer.

2. From arts to sports, you’ll find a passionate crowd of enthusiasts. One thing is certain: Buffalo Bills fans are loyal and love to celebrate. Be ready to attend and see a plethora of Bills get-togethers in Buffalo. There’s more than just football to enjoy there, however. Hockey is huge in Buffalo, and you won’t have to look far to find a fan or pick-up game teammate. Additionally, the Albright-Knox, famous art gallery, lives in Buffalo and hosts a fantastic array of art, as well as classes and tours. There’s also a large yearly art festival and a stunning waterfront district that puts on hundreds of concerts and events every year. Looking to take in cultural tunes? You can check out the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra or Shea’s Performing Arts Center, which hosts traveling Broadway shows.

3. The neighborhood is growing, and a higher number of millennials are moving there. In the first decade of this century, millennialsmoving to Buffalo increased by 34%, lowering the average age, and bringing with them a new wave of culture and interests. You’ll find that Buffalo is an evolving city now, growing in the foodie culture (hello, food trucks!), recreation, celebrations (the annual St. Patrick’s Day parade), and an increase in jobs.

4. Niagara Falls and nature: One of the most famous and enchanting landmarks in the world is simply a nearby trip for Buffalo residents. Along with the cultural perks of Buffalo, you can enjoy the amazing natural beauty, from hikes to multiple garden walks and parks, all the way to Niagara Falls. Buffalo hosts an array of nature perks to take in, with a growing urban appeal, too.

5. Buffalo is one of the safest cities in America when it comes to weather. Rated #4 in cities safe from natural disasters, Buffalo is not a city where you’ll have to worry about tornado, hurricane, or earthquake safety. While you will need to be aware of potentially heavy winter snows, you can rest easy in your new city when it comes to the big issues that can often be out of your control.

6. Buffalo has a fantastic food scene. You’ll be enjoying all kinds of heavenly (if not so healthy) treats in Buffalo. Be prepared for alternatives on all your favorite baked goods, as Buffalo has plenty of unique, local favorites for donuts and sweets you’ll need to try. The existence of food trucks and breweries are growing, too. In addition, you’re moving to the home of Buffalo wings! Be prepared to enjoy these, and consider taking part in the national Buffalo wing festival in the fall.

As you can see, Buffalo is a city with personality, culture, and lots of fun to be had. Be aware of its quirks in the various seasons, and be ready to enjoy the growing environment that thrives in Buffalo, New York. For information, and to get more tips on moving cross-country, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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  • Sherry

    Buffalo, NY is a quirky city. It is so much underrated.

  • Michael

    I went to the Buffalo wing festival several years ago. It was fantastic!

  • Anton Vanko

    I’ve heard about the Buffalo culture from people who’ve been there: it’s got great food, i.e. Buffalo wings and beer, and no shortage of sites to go for nature walks and hikes. I was however surprised to learn from this article that Broadway still has a presence in the area.

  • Toni Fontello

    It’s important to know the difference in climates when moving cross country like moving to Buffalo, New York. It helps to be prepared for different temperatures and storms in various seasons.

  • Ilham Herdiansyah

    Very useful tips. Still,can’t imagine myself moving abroad in the near future

  • Maury Cheskes

    Yearly festivals, Niagara Falls.. Buffalo Wings! Buffalo looks like it’s getting more on the map with the growing population and safe living conditions. I know many Torontonians love following the Bills, but Sabres fans generally want nothing to do with us.

  • Courtney Boucher

    I especially enjoy the focus on the increase in generational population and entertainment options. It almost makes me want to move here myself. However, my one complaint is that there is no mention of cost of living here.

  • Miles Fortich

    I’ve never seen the Niagara Falls. I’ve been putting it off due to the long drive. I’ll definitely book a trip there on September or early October…I want to taste an authentic Buffalo wing!

  • Ramil B.

    I bet people from Buffalo are the nicest New Yorkers cuz they’re closer to Canada LOL! But the winter storms hmmm…that’s something to think about!

  • Isabel

    It sounds like a fun city! I love the cold plus I would definitely want to see the American side of the Niagara Falls. I was at the Canadian side and it was superb. I expect the same if not more from the other side.

  • Hannah Cortes

    I lived in Buffalo for four years and it was some of the best years of my life. The neighborhood was so friendly and welcoming. Gosh, I miss those days.

  • sai

    i think 6 points very important. Buffalo It helps to be prepared for different temperatures and storms in various seasons.I expect the same if not more from the other side.i will seeing.

  • raju

    Buffalo is far to the north, in Western New York. the buffalo is very imp they have six points. The neighborhood was so friendly and welcoming.

  • Max Keating

    This is a great city and a great place to visit. I go there as often as I can to visit some friends who moved there a few years ago. It has terrific morning coffee shops with a wide range of breakfast goodies–my favorite meal of the day!

  • Kelly Linden

    The nature walks in Buffalo sound amazing. And the winters sound great for snowshoeing and cross country skiing.

  • CJ Stark

    Getting a lot of snow in the winter isn’t a big deal. When you live in places that expect a lot of snow they have better infrastructure and snow clearing plans in place. It isn’t like Atlanta where a little bit of snow can shut down a city because they just aren’t prepared for it. Buffalo drivers know how to drive in snow and the city takes care of the streets.

  • James

    Well guess if you like the cold weather Buffalo, NY can be a great place. Not for me tho.

  • katherine tilson

    If you want to visit Buffalo or even move there this article is right on target. Besides the sightseeing and good food there are a lot of things to do there.

  • Rieh

    I like point #5 about Buffalo being the safest cities in America when it comes to weather. I can deal with cold weather over tornados & hurricanes any day!

  • Tim

    Yeah I know about those Buffalo Bills fans. They just don’t let up lol it’s wild!!

  • Tamez

    Wow I never would have even thought of Buffalo had I not read this. It looks to have a lot of great features and it is definitely a place that I will pay a visit to explore more soon. Thanks for your post!

  • Marchak

    Buffalo is a nice place, but you’re right, you better get braced for the cold – real quick!

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