Things To Think About When Moving To Phoenix Arizona

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Phoenix AZ Arizona City ShotMoving to another state can be daunting both emotionally, psychologically and physically. It can be heart breaking especially if you’re moving away from your home town. However, learning a little bit about Phoenix Arizona might help put your mind at ease. Phoenix is a fine place but unlike other states in the country, can be too hot for your liking. This is the only feature that seems to bother people. However, winter in Arizona is nothing like other states that experience snow. Even though their weather is very hot, you can cool off in pools, the beach and they also have great air conditioning in houses and places of work to keep you cool. Apart from this, there are a few other things that you should think about when moving to Phoenix, Arizona.

1. Who’s Going to Move you

moving truck sketchThe first thing that’s going to put your mind at ease before moving across country to Phoenix is finding a good moving company. A bad one will make the relocation more stressful than it already is. However, a good one will help you accept the change and put your mind at ease. Your moving company of choice needs to be as professional as possible. It needs to handle your belongings with utmost care and aspire to get them to Arizona in one piece. They also need to have proper customer service. Your needs should be listened to and met regardless. They should come pick up and drop off your belongings off at the right time that you’d both agreed upon. For a moving company to be qualified to move you across state, it needs to have a US DOT number from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMSCA). They should have a license to operate in Arizona as well as the state that you’re moving from. You should verify this information to guard against being scammed by rogue movers.

2. Who’s Going to Cover the Cost

stack of moneyMoving to another state can be very expensive. If you’re job is the reason behind the move, it is only proper for them to cover the moving expenses. For most companies, this is common and one does not even need to ask. However, if your company is silent on the issue, feel free to approach them. Moving away from your comfort zone is sacrifice enough.

3. Cost of living

Since this is the first time that you’re going to live in Phoenix, Arizona you need to know the cost of living there. After this, compare it to what you’re used to. It might be cheaper or more costly but getting the information first hand will help you plan better. If the cost of living is higher than your current city of residence, you can make the necessary arrangements to survive. This will include; the type of job to get, amount of salary to ask for, which schools to put your kids in and the kind of house to live in.

4. How is Phoenix Arizona

A new state is just as strange as transferring to a new school. You need to do a little research about Phoenix. This will make the relocation less taunting. Some of the things to look into is the cost of housing, cost of living, distance to social amenities such as schools, hospitals, gas stations and job, weather, culture and traffic. This will help your mind conform to the idea hence making the shift bearable.

5. Quality of Schools

Rear view of a little school children raising their hands in the classroomWhile at it, consider the quality of life and social amenities. Are the schools good? How are the hospitals? Are there entertainment joint close by? Take time to survey and find out the number of schools that are near your new area of residence. Go a step further and find out how well the students perform, how many teachers are available, students per class. This will help you determine whether your child will be given the needed attention to settle in and catch up with the others.

6. Prepare to Adjust

You already know that Phoenix Arizona is very hot. Probably hotter than the state that you’re coming from. If you’re coming from a cold state, get ready for the change. Shop for warmer clothes, swim wear, air conditioning and open shoes. If you’re coming from a cold city, chances are that summer clothing is cheap.

7. Availability of Jobs

If you’re moving for personal reasons then you need a job when you get there after all, life must continue. You need to do a little research on the job market. You can look around for a job online and even send your CV around. You can also go to Phoenix ahead of time and apply in all the firms and companies that you possibly can. The last option is moving first then job hunting while you’re there.

8. Downsizing your Belongings

The more the stuff you have to take with you the more you have to pay the moving company and the more stressful it will be. Sort out through your belongings. Some items that you own will not be of use in Phoenix especially winter clothing. You can choose to sell at a yard sale, give to friends or donate it to charity. Aim to travel as light as possible.

9. Say Goodbye

Some people take a pass on this but always end up regretting later on when its too late. You need to say goodbye to your home, neighbors, family and friends. You need to visit your favorite spot for the last time, historical sites and your favorite restaurant in order to let go and accept the new changes, relocation. You can even throw a go away party and invite everyone that matters to you. Allow your kids to say their goodbyes too and anything else that they need to do in order to be mentally prepared for the relocation.

Moving to Phoenix, Arizona doesn’t have to be a sad affair. If you give yourself enough time to prepare and plan for the relocation, it can be fun and exciting. This is an opportunity to explore and make new friends. There is a perfectly good beach 4 hours away from Phoenix for when it gets too hot. This is a chance to sun bathe and live the summer feeling more than you were used to.

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  • Layla L

    Definitely a helpful article! I’ve been considering moving out to be closer to my mum and gran. This list was definitely a good set of things to consider. I know the schools are good in their area, but I honestly hadn’t thought to look into the overall cost of living in Tempe. I’ll be doing that shortly!

  • Maragon Yamaweh

    That picture is so beautiful! It’s almost enough to make me want to move in it of itself. Your suggestions are very helpful. It would be really cool if you could offer some links to things like the Arizona School Board so we could look into the quality/rating of the various school in Pheonix.

  • Rey Martinez

    Phoenix wouldn’t be at the top of my list when I think about moving to another city. I’ve had friends who went on holidays there and they say it’s too hot! But, thanks for the tips on moving. I didn’t know that the company who hired you should shoulder the moving expenses! I will definitely keep that in mind.

  • Toni Fontello

    This article had good points to keep in mind. I never knew about the U.S. Dot number that cross country movers should have, and didn’t know they had to be licensed in other states like Arizona. Great tips to consider when searching for a qualified moving company!

  • Athan

    I was expecting information about what Phoenix would be like for anyone would choose to move there, since there is a possibility that I might. Still, I think the information shared herein is helpful. Thank you for sharing!

  • Katia Alice

    This is a thorough list of things to consider about a big move. I agree with Maragon Yamaweh in that having some links and some specifics would be really helpful in terms of decision-making. You mention the heat a few times – do you know the average monthly temperatures in Phoenix?

  • Anne M.

    Lots of things to consider here. And I didn’t realize there was a beach within easy driving distance of Phoenix. That’ll definitely help with the heat, and makes the idea of moving even more tempting.

  • Sal Hendricks

    Having lived in Phoenix for 4 years, I can say that it’s a great place to live. However, I’d caution anyone, regardless of age or physical condition to stay hydrated and have access to air conditioning. So, If you’re thinking of selling of a spare air conditioner at a garage sale before you move — Don’t. You really might need it!

  • Isabel

    Moving will always be stressful even if you have professionals doing it for you or expenses paid for by your company. However, keeping organized and maintaining records is key so that you have control of your relocation from the moment you make your inventory to the time movers unpack your belongings.

  • raju

    This is a thorough list of things to consider about a big move. therer are 9 points are very important. and location was see.
    the average monthly temperatures in Phoenix?

  • Max Keating

    It’s always hard to move to a new place, even if you hope for an even better future as a result. Leaving friends and family behind can be stressful. This article helps you to think through how to move with the least amount of stress and worry and to move in to your new home with great anticipation and excitement.

  • Emily

    Downsizing belongings sounds like the hardest task to do in moving. I imagine I would have the longest time to decide which to keep and which to toss away.

  • Todd

    Phoenix is a very lovely city. I have visited Phoenix for more than three times in the past month and I can definitely picture me and my family living there.

  • Kate M.

    Great advice, would hate to move all the way to a new city and realize that the school system is not up to par. Phoenix sounds like a great place to live. Thanks for some great tips on getting there.

  • Rieh

    I’ve heard about the dry and humid heat in Arizona, and although I do prefer hot weather over cold, I think this type of temperature would make me feel tired and drained all the time. Not good for me but may be the perfect home for others!

  • Tim

    Nice article. I think it would be better however if you put a general cost of living chart or percentage compared with the US norm.

  • Tamez

    “The last option is moving first then job hunting while you’re there.” So right! Any place you go will suck when you’ve got money problems and scraping to put food on the table. I made that mistake before when I moved to California and I will never in my life do that again to myself or my family.

  • Arnita

    I am considering moving to Arizona, so this article comes at the perfect time! Actually your site has helped me the most with tips I need to make a well-planned move. You get 5 Stars from me:)

  • Lenny

    This is some useful information. My sister is going to need to relocate to Arizona for a job soon. I will have her contact you guys for a moving quote.

  • Jui

    So how cold does it get in a typical Arizona winter? I know it’s not as cold as other States but just trying to get an idea.

  • Jennifer H.

    Phoenix sounds like a lovely place, but just not the place for me. Thanks for sharing, I will tell all my friends and fam about your site for sure!

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