Moving To Guides: Fort Collins, Colorado

Fort Collins, Colorado is a great city to move to! According to a Time magazine, 94.9% of residence are happily satisfied with the city. That was a higher percentage than any other city in the year 2014. It is no wonder that the population of Fort Collins is happy, because Fort Collins is an amazing city! It has a little bit of everything–wilderness, urban centers, and family-focused events. It is a great town for both singles and families, and students and parents alike thrive in this growing city. Here are the top insiders tips you should know if you are going to move to Fort Collins, Colorado.

1. Get ready to experience the fullness of four seasons. Colorado is a land of always changing weather, so get prepared by suiting up. Buy a heavy coat. Purchase some rain boots. Break out that sunscreen. Fort Collins will go through all four seasons, and they are beautiful. Spring blooms with tulips. Summer blazes with heat up to the 90 degrees fahrenheit. Fall is gorgeous, and the aspen trees turn a vivid yellow. However, please be aware that winter drags on the longest. You’ll probably receive a beautiful white Christmas, but you also might wake up to a snow storm in May, so be sure to prepare for some snowy driving and a few snow days for the kids. Never fear, Colorado may have unpredictable weather, but the sun always comes out in a few days. No matter the season, Colorado always jumps back, and bring out the light. It is one of the reasons that Fort Collins is such a happy city.

2. Embrace your inner college student. Fort Collins is home to Colorado State University, so much of the atmosphere of the city is set by the college students. This is a good thing, because the city is always up to date on new trends. Downtown Fort Collins best reflects the college life. It is full of hipster coffee shops like Harbinger, The Bean Cycle, and Everyday Joes. These cafes take craft coffee seriously, and any one of the baristas can give you a collegiate lecture on the creation of a single latte. Furthermore, Downtown Fort Collins also has myriad of boutique shops like Ten Thousand Villages, Kansas City Kitty, and White Balcony. It is every shoppers dream, and all these stories specialize in unique gifts.

3. Get outdoorsy. It is no secret that Coloradans love the outdoors, but the citizen of Fort Collins really love the outdoors. If you are planning on moving to Fort Collins, you will need to take up an outdoor hobby. Many people climb the 14 thousand foot mountains on the western horizon. Some rock climb or hike (Horsetooth Rock is a good place to start). Teenagers tube down the Poudre River in the summer, and many a family goes boating on Horsetooth Lake on the weekends. Fun in Fort Collins is centered on the outdoors, so invest in a good mountain bike, skateboard, or a pair of hiking boots.

4. Become a beer expert. Fort Collins is home to many breweries. New Belgium, Odell, and Budweiser are three main ones. These breweries offer tastings and tours of the facilities. If you move to Fort Collins, you will surely be invited to one of these breweries. If you really get into beer tasting, you can even start pursuing some of the small establishments like Funwerks, Black Bottle, and Equinox. You might even be invited to bike at New Belgium’s Tour de Fat–a parade of sort where people ride bikes, dress up, and celebrate in the summer in Fort Collins. No matter what, you will need to be well versed in everything beer.

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