Things you Should Know About Moving to Pittsburgh, PA

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is a beautiful city on the Eastern side of the United States and is home to just over 305,000 residents. It features a vibrant urban atmosphere and plenty of amenities for people to enjoy. Along with this, the city has a rich history and offers a number of opportunities for working adults.

If you are planning to move to Pittsburgh, it is important to learn about the city and how living there will affect you. Here are some of the things you will want to know before you decide to move to Pittsburgh, PA.


The economy of Pittsburgh is a strong one. The unemployment rate is 5.6% and there is a job growth rate of 0.85%. Over the next 10 years, experts believe that the job growth will continue to grow by around 36.10%. The most popular industry is sales, office and administrative support. Management, business and finance are also popular industries throughout the city. These two sets of industries make up nearly half of the entire workforce in Pittsburgh.

Housing Market

Reports from 2015 show that the housing market in Pittsburgh is on a healthy trajectory. Currently, the median sales prices for homes in the city are around $152,000, which causes them to sell at around $109 per square foot. Since last year, the housing market has shown a 3% increase even though the sales of homes have dropped in the last couple of months due to the end of summer.

School Districts

Pittsburgh Public Schools cares for a majority of the city’s students. The district has 65 separate schools with nearly 5,200 employees. There are also almost 30,000 students enrolled in these schools. The great thing about these schools is that there are always great educational options out there for families to choose for their students.

Teachers strive to create a warm environment for the kids and will work with children individually to help them learn at their own pace. There are also many ways parents can customize their children’s education around their student’s learning style so that they can be more successful throughout their studies.

Outdoor Living and Sports

Pittsburgh is an urban city and there aren’t many rural activities available. However, there are still activities and sports for residents to enjoy. For example, baseball, hockey and American football are all popular pastimes within the city.

If you enjoy watching professional sports, there are three major franchises within the city. The Pittsburgh Steelers are a professional NFL football team and extremely popular around the city. However, for those who enjoy baseball or hockey, you can also root on the Pirates or the Penguins. There are also some college sports available in the city with several local universities that are all highly competitive in several sports.

If you aren’t much of a sports fan, but still want to spend some time outdoors, the city prides itself on being a green city and there are five great parks to choose from. One of the most popular parks is the Three Rivers Park, which draws in bikers, hikers and even boaters who enjoy the 800 acres of open space.

Suburbs and Neighborhoods

The great thing about Pittsburgh is that there are plenty of great neighborhoods to choose from. Regardless of the lifestyle you enjoy, you are bound to find the perfect neighborhood within the city. Some of the most popular neighborhoods to call home are:

  • Mexican War Streets – has beautiful, colorful row houses
  • Regent Square – filled with cafes, art galleries and consignment boutiques
  • East End – vibrant and has great job options
  • Shadyside and Squirrel Hill – a sophisticated side of the city
  • Bloomfield and Friendship – young working adults love the row houses and tight alleys
  • East Liberty – an area of town that is on the rebound and quickly drawing in businesses and residents.

If you are looking to make the move to Pittsburgh, PA, make sure you give us a call today. We can help make your move much simpler and help you enjoy the process of finding your new city that much better.