Packing Tips To Get Ready For A Cross Country Move

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Packing is a big part of making any move, but for a cross country move, your packing skills are even more important. We want to break down a few packing tips to ensure a successful and pleasant experience moving, and some of our most recommended packing tips are:

  • Use the box you need – Packing too big objects in too small boxes, or lightly packing boxes that are too large, are both things you want to avoid while packing for a cross country move. Instead, pack for the size you need, and ensure that your belongings are being optimally protected during the big move.
  • Don’t allow extra space – Even in perfectly sized boxes, you may still have a little space in the box due to irregular shapes or sizes, and this space should be filled with soft materials to stop belongings from using this excess space to move around. Using small towels, T-shirts, or newspaper to fill these gaps will keep your property right where it should be!
  • Label by room – You’ll really thank yourself when you get to your new home when you label each box by room. Your cross country movers will be able to place each box right where it’s needed, and your unpacking process will be streamlined and convenient.
  • Don’t shy away from bundling – Sets of dishes, candle holders, or other fragile items that form groups should be bundled while packing, and there is right way to approach this bundling to best protect your things. For dishes, for instance, wrapping each individual dish, then wrapping all of the wrapped dishes together can ensure each piece’s safety and the safety of the set as a whole!
  • Tape well – Even if your boxes are pre-taped on the bottom, add an extra layer, and ensure all of your boxes are taped well on the top and bottom. The bottom of the box will experience the most stress, so three or four layers of tape on the bottom is never a bad idea, and double taping the top of each box can ensure they stay securely closed during the course of the move.

Packing for a cross country move the right way can ensure the least amount of stress is felt, and packing the right way can always use a few new tips and tricks! For more tips on packing for your big cross country move, contact us at today!

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  • Akshey Joshi

    Thanks for the useful tips. I move a lot because of the nature of my job and these tips will come in handy, especially the one about labelling the boxes by room.

  • Toni Fontello

    So true that there’s a right way and wrong way to pack. It’s better to take the time and organize possessions and boxes before the move instead of just throwing everything in boxes that are too big. Even though items are in a big truck, boxes should still be taped down for security.

  • jitin kumar

    You can never have enough tape when you are moving. Thanks for the useful tips.

  • April O.

    Be extra careful in your packing things when cross country moving as there are tendencies for breakage during the long travel. Organizing and being keen on details as to which box is which things are kept should be well taken care of to avoid confusion when unpacking.

  • Christine

    Thanks for this, a list of to-dos to ensure you don’t miss anything out is definitely an organizational strategy when it comes to moving.

  • Yuen Ling Elaine Au Yeung

    “Even if your boxes are pre-taped on the bottom, add an extra layer, and ensure all of your boxes are taped well on the top and bottom.” I feel the tape well, is good for avoiding leaking. Thus, a well-prepared shipping boxes with proper taping, is essential for your moving list.

  • Isabel

    Thanks for the tips! Professional movers pack by room and make a detailed inventory of what’s in each box. You can do your own, too, so you know where the most important things are.

  • Sheila Chingwa

    Tape and more tape when packing is important. No one wants to lift a box that breaks out from the bottom. Using too big of a box is not a good thing when moving books.

  • Jhei

    With regards to boxes, I often use big ones. Extra space? That’s where I stuff the clothes that I don’t often use but can’t get rid of. Labels by room and bundling? Great idea! Will do that next time. Tape well? Always do. Thank you for clearing up the processes!

  • Yosleidis Fleitas

    Tape well should be # 1! It allow faster moves and secure stuff. Also think Tetris, the more space you save the less boxes and some companies charge according to the amount of boxes so you are saving $!!!

  • Daniel Ong

    Great actual packing tips after you had really made up your mind to carry out a cross country move! Some things are indeed on the minor details but plays a big role in the success of moving such as prevent breaking if we are not carefully planned! Not easy but was glad that we could relook into some of these tips!

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