Lifelong Lessons Learned After A Cross Country Move

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With or without cross country movers there to help, a move to a distant place is an event in your life that will teach you a few things. Sure, parts of the move may be stressful, but once all is said and done, you’ll have plenty of stories to talk about and lessons to take with you all throughout life! A few lifelong lessons you can expect to get from your big cross country move are:

  • How to live simply – Throughout life, you are bound to collect a whole lot of “stuff”, and there is nothing like a cross country move to help you to appreciate the ability to live simply! When you’re moving to a faraway place or an entirely new city, you suddenly become very aware of all of the things you’ve accumulated throughout the years, and this will often cause you to stop and think before you accumulate more things in the future.
  • The importance of the list – Lists can help to really keep you on track, and during a cross country move you’ll be really taking advantage of lists while gaining a whole new appreciation. You’ll need to remember to call the cross country movers, you’ll need to make sure your current home or apartment is taken care of before leaving for the new one, and you’ll have more appointments and logistics to cover than you can remember without writing them down. After your move is over, you’ll see just how “listing” can make your life so much easier!
  • You’ll better manage stress – Moving in general is a pretty stressful event, and when hundreds or thousands of miles stand between you and your new home, stress levels can get even higher. Throughout the entire process, you’ll learn to better manage this stress, and this is a lesson you’ll take with you from that point forward.

A cross country move is an experience, and one that can be just as fulfilling as it is nerve wracking at the time! With the help of cross country movers, however, things get a bit easier, and once you’re in your new home, you can think back on the entire experience and all you’ve gained in life from it.

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  • Adeline Ee

    Moving is stressful, i am starting to really hate it. Thanks for the tips to make moving a little less painful

  • Christine

    Gosh i could have used some of these tips earlier on this year, i hate moving and always stressed out prior to a big move!

  • Isabel

    I agree with your tips to make moving less stressful. I have been changing residences every 4 years and although I have gotten used to it, I still get nervous about it. Jotting down what you need to do will definitely help you get an overview of the entire removal.

  • Sheila Chingwa

    Living simply and not moving the things that are not needed is a good way to let go and leave behind the extra baggage. Keeping a list of what you have to do is a good idea. That way nothing gets left undone.

  • Debbie Peterson

    Moving is one of the top most stressful experiences. Moving teaches you how
    to deal with stress. Making a list and getting rid of stuff you don’t need is a
    good lesson to to learn.

  • Julia Riding

    You don’t realize how much you accumulate until
    you have to go through until you move from one
    side of the country to another. It creates unbelievable
    stress. But luckily, we prepared by leaving our old
    house clean and making sure the new place was ready
    for our family.

  • Jhei

    There is always a lesson in every journey we make, regardless if it is simply for the holidays or a long-term one. There is always stress involved in such trips, the key is managing it and finding better ways to approach things. The list described in this article is very helpful. We appreciate the writer for sharing.

  • Daniel Ong

    Great article on the mental aspect on what to really expect after moving from country to country! I feel that this article is indeed important as it gives a good headstart to anyone who wishes to head for the same way of moving abroad! This would totally allow us to have another second thought before carry out the plans which is certainly ideal!

  • Toni Fontello

    Every important event needs to be well thought out and planned. Moving cross country is no exception. Downsizing and making a checklist of what needs to be done are excellent ways to keep on top of everything before it turns into complete chaos!

  • Samantha

    It’s great! I will use this list in its entirety the next time i move to have a more structured and organized moving plan. Thanks!

  • Hannah Cortes

    I agree with the writer. After I moved out cross country, I learned the beauty of simplicity. I don’t need a lot to make me happy. Good food and good company is all I need.

  • dian

    I have a lot of books in my home and think i really need to start making a list of those books before i decided to move somewhere else.

  • Patricia

    The importance of a list cannot be overstated. With all the stress and running around that comes along with trying to move, a list can be the very thing that keeps you same lol.

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