Fascinating Facts About Moving to Fort Wayne, Indiana

moving to Fort Wayne Indiana
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Getting ready to move to another city or state is hectic enough as it is without adding the pressure of not knowing a lot about the place you are going. If you are moving to Fort Wayne, Indiana from across the country, here are a few tips about this city that has a lot to offer.

Delicious Food and Sophisticated Drinks

The first thing when you think of Fort Wayne may not be the food but perhaps it should be. From the BBQ Ribfest each summer to one of the most iconic hot dog stands in the country, Fort Wayne knows how to serve it up delicious and leave you coming back for more. Look for a hearty meal at Shigs in Pit or Coney Island Weiner Stand or for fine dining with sophisticated drinks, Club Soda is the go-to place to be.

Cultural Events Sure to Please

Fort Wayne, Indiana is one of the most diverse cultural areas in the country and that means there is a variety of events and fun times for every personality. The nine-day long Three Rivers Festival features parades, fireworks, and even a bed race that is a well-known event that everyone loves. For something a little more culturally oriented, Oktoberfest celebrates Fort Wayne’s German heritage and for artistic oriented events, the annual Northeast Festival hosts over 70 organizations and schools each year with dancing, music, and art.

Of course, Fort Wayne is also home to Foellinger Theatre in Franke Park where you might find big name artists playing in the open air theater. And speaking of theater, the Arena Dinner Theatre has full-length theatrical productions and you get to enjoy a meal as well. Embassy Theatre is where you will find dance, Broadway shows, lectures, and even the Fort Wayne Philharmonic Orchestra.

Don’t Forget About Sporting Events

The people in Fort Wayne love their sports and you will probably love it too once you get into the swing of things. There is a reason why A League of Their Own was based out of this city; the true story began there.

Don’t count out the minors either. While Fort Wayne does not have its own major league baseball team, the city has the honor of being the best area in the United States for minor leagues. And speaking of baseball, the TinCaps may be in the minors for now but word has it that they may be going pro so there is that to look forward to.

If baseball just isn’t your favorite sport don’t worry, you can find basketball, roller derby, soccer, and a myriad of sports in the city.

A Family Atmosphere

Fort Wayne isn’t all partying and sports, it is home to a love of fitness, education, and history. You’ll also find over 360 churches in Fort Wayne so if you’re spiritual then this is the place to live.

There is plenty for kids to do like the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo, which is one of the top 10 zoos in the entire United States. Once you visit the zoo, spend a day fishing with the family at the Hurshtown Reservoir or take a serene visit to Amish Country, which is right next door. For hiking, picnicking, or just relaxing, the Fort Wayne Park and Boulevard System covers 1,883 acres and is composed of 11 public parks

The educational benefits are vast as well. Fort Wayne boasts having a bridge campus which connects two top tier colleges: Indiana University and Purdue University Fort Wayne.

Fort Wayne, nicknamed “The Summit City” due to its elevation by the canals, is an excellent place to experience cultural events, family events, sports, dining, and living a laid-back life with all of the benefits of a big city.

Moving to Fort Wayne means finding the professionals to ensure that the job is done correctly and professionally and we specialize in just that – finding long distance moving companies that are the best. Have questions? Just get a free moving quote and we’ll help you get started.

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  • Amanda U

    Fort Wayne sounds like it’s very relaxed. I love the map with the bar density, great info!

  • Sophia G.

    The average commute time is half of where I am living now. The less travel time, the better.

  • Dieter W

    Social-wise, I’m already looking forward to two events: Three Rivers Festival and Oktoberfest! That little trivia about “A League of Their Own” did surprise me.

  • Yuen Ling Elaine Au Yeung

    “Getting ready to move to another city or state is hectic enough as it is without adding the pressure of not knowing a lot about the place you are going. ” What I think that, when family are ready to move to another city, it is going to search the schooling for the children. As well, the public transportation is another consideration for the whole family.

  • Markus Lott

    I didn’t know that Fort Wayne has German heritage. I like going to Oktoberfest in Germany but I haven’t been to in the last couple of years due to financial constraints. I’m not expecting a lot, but I will sure give Fort Wayne a try this year!

  • Cassiopeia Vitt

    BBQ Ribfest sounds fun! I googled Three Rivers Festival but I reckon it’s best to experience it first hand! Summer here I come!

  • Toni Fontello

    I believe we passed through Fort Wayne a few times when I was a kid on vacation with my family. From the sounds of this article, we should’ve vacationed in Fort Wayne! Makes me want to visit for a while!

  • Hannah Cortes

    I have always loved open air theaters so I’m sure the kids and I will surely love Foellinger Theatre. Fort Wayne seems a great place for the family.

  • Raju

    i am ready tell about into looking forward to two events:and next Three Rivers Festival and Oktoberfest! They have little trivia about “A League of Their Own” did surprise me.

  • Isabel

    This is my kind of town – small yet it has everything that matters. The next time I will be relocating, I will put Fort Wayne on my list.

  • Max Keating

    Fort Wayne is a great place to visit. I had a friend go to school near there, and so I had a chance to visit several times . . . always a lot of fun, great places to eat, and friendly people seem to live there.

  • James

    I did not know that Fort Wayne had such a strong educational system in place. This is definitely an attractive feature to consider among other things.

  • Arnita

    Great review of Fort Wayne! And that intro pic is so beautiful and awesome that it just makes this place seem like a wonderland!

  • Lenny

    ooh I’m a foodie so I like the part about the delicious food and sophisticated drinks! For sure I will check out their rib fest when I visit. Sure it will be a BLAST!!!

  • Jui

    Fort Wayne sounds like a nice laid back place to retire to. This is definitely one I will keep on my watch list.

  • William

    I like the profile of cultural events here. This is a wonderful advantage of fort wayne.

  • David

    I like baseball, so I think I will be right at home in Fort Wayne.

  • Marchak

    Very informative writeup! And I like the added charts and pictures that shows the stats.

  • Gloria Fields

    Great title for this post, because these are definitely some Fascinating Facts About Moving to Fort Wayne, Indiana! I like a ton reading this, thanks!

  • Jennifer H.

    OK I’m sold of Fort Wayne! I will be contacting y’all for a free quote early next week to get started on my move!

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