7 Ways To Save Money When Moving Coast To Coast

7 Ways To Save Money When Moving Coast To Coast
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So you’ve finally decided to make that big move across country. Whether you are moving from sunny Los Angeles to sophisticated New York City, or from Portland, Oregon to Pensacola, Florida, chances are you are considering ways to save money on your cross country move. Moving can be expensive, even if you’re just heading across town. Moving all the way across the country, however, can be exponentially pricier. Here are 7 great tips for saving money when moving coast to coast.

1. Clean House. When you use a moving company, your fees will be based on cargo weight and the number of trucks it takes to move your stuff. So it’s always a good idea to get rid of the items you no longer want before making your move. By lightening your moving load, you will save money. You may even be able to make some extra cash by selling your unwanted stuff. Hold a garage sale or sell items on Craigslist. Donate everything that you can’t sell to charity and be sure to get the receipt so you can claim a deduction on your taxes at the end of the year.

2. Don’t Pay For Moving Supplies. Why pay for boxes when there are likely plenty of free boxes available if you just ask? Many local businesses will be more than happy to hook you up with their unwanted boxes. Or ask around at the office. Chances are, there are plenty of departments that will be willing to give you some boxes. Copy paper boxes are ideal because they’re just the right size and come with handy lids.

3. Pack Your Own Boxes. Sure, you could pay someone to come in and pack your stuff for you. But you’ll save loads of money if you pack your boxes yourself and just hire movers to transport them.

4. Timing Is Key. If you move during the off-season, you’ll get better rates. In general, scheduling your move between September and May can save you money, since this is when rates are lowest. You will also save money if you move on a weekday instead of during the weekend.

5. Transport Only Mover. If the cost of a full-service mover is more than you’re willing to pay, consider hiring a transport-only mover to move your stuff across the country.

6. Shop Around. Don’t just hire the first mover you call. Doing a bit of research on different moving companies and options will get you a better deal.

7. Use Cross Country Movers. Visit Cross Country Movers. Compare moving companies and get free quotes to make sure you get the best deal on your cross country move.

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  • Isabel

    Getting several quotes is indeed very important. There might be a company that can do everything for you from packaging to delivery at an affordable price. When you have a detailed quote, you will see where you can cut corners such as packing materials, packing and unpacking which can cost you a tidy sum.

  • Adeline

    Moving is a costly and stressful time, spending the least amount on money on the actual move gives you more to spend on set up costs in your new home!

  • Christine

    Your other article on selecting a moving company comes in handy at this point, I hate evaluating multiple companies and then being disappointed, selecting a company to help you move is so important

  • Sheila Chingwa

    I never considered when a good time to move is. Nice to know ways to save money during the move. Packing your own boxes and not paying for boxes is a good idea.

  • Debbie Peterson

    Interviewing at least three movers can avoid a lot of headaches.
    Packing your own boxes takes some time, but saves money
    in the long run. You also pack your own things with more
    care than a stranger would.

  • Jhei

    This is a wonderful checklist! Thank you for putting it together and sharing. Whenever anyone among our family moves, we always borrow a relative’s truck and several cousins go along with us. Most of the time, the move ends up being some sort of a road trip.

  • Barbara Austin

    Get rid of stuff you don’t need or don’t use anymore.
    Donate it to charity or have a garage sale. You’d be
    shocked to see how much you end up with. It can
    give you some cash for incidentals on your trip
    to the new place.

  • Alysia yolanda

    I think this is a very helpull article because i know how stressful moving can be and this article help by making avoiding terrible mistake during moving. Thank you for the great article!!

  • Yosleidis Fleitas

    Once you know you will be moving start packing stress free all the things you don’t use in your day to day like maybe winter coats or art supplies. Also, so true, #2 CLEAN THE HOUSE….we tent to hoard stuff! Do a garage sale! I always get my boxes from Publix! They always give it to me for free.

  • Daniel Ong

    Great summary guide on saving money to be cost efficient when moving from coast to coast! Love the heads up in the needs to prepare in order to prevent spending on unnecessary money! Some really good real life hacks to get about in life that can save you on a large sum of money!

  • Toni Fontello

    It’s an expensive process to move if you include finding a new place to live, starting utilities and stocking up with groceries. These tips will help save money and time while reducing stress and worry.

  • Samantha

    Moving has always been one of the biggest costs of the year! The moving fees alone makes a huge dent in the costs

  • Grant Davies

    Ya know…I never really thought about how timing can effect the cost of a move. This article was an eye-opener. Your site is the greatest for all moving information!

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