4 Steps To An Eco-Friendly Move

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These days, we’re all trying to limit our carbon footprint, and you can approach so many different aspects of your life in a green way in doing so! Moving across country is no exception, and making your move an eco-friendly one is probably much simpler than you think. A green move is a happy move, and a move you can feel good about long after you’ve settled in to your new place. 4 steps to an eco-friendly move are:

  1. Use recycled plastic – For wrapping your fragile belongings, or separating your toiletries and kitchen items, using recycled plastic can help you to save trees from being used as cardboard. The average move will use around 60 boxes, and 60 boxes amounts to a half ton of tree material, so cutting down on cardboard use where you can will be a big help in going green!
  2. Use biodegradable packing materials – Rather than using bubble wrap or non-earth friendly materials to pack your belongings and keep them safe, you can use biodegradable materials or recycled materials instead to help you to make your move a little greener. Newspaper that can be composted later on, corn starch packing peanuts, and bioplastics can keep your things safe while keeping you green.
  3. Use your clothing – Did you know that your clothing can make excellent packing material as well? Wrap glasses, knick knacks, and fill empty spaces in boxes with your clothing and keep your property safe while saving space and saving the environment.
  4. Use Green Moving Boxes – Green Moving boxes can replace your typical cardboard boxes and really give your move an eco-friendly boost. These boxes can help you to save a half ton or more of tree based material, and give you a way to keep your move on the eco-friendly track easily.

You and your cross country movers can help to ensure that your cross country move is a safe, happy, and eco-friendly one, and approaching moving in a green way is probably even easier than you think! By doing a few simple things, you can make a big positive environmental impact, as you help to save the earth one box at a time. To learn more about making an eco-friendly move, simply contact us at FindCrossCountryMovers.com today!

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  • Mike Sanders

    I never thought to use my clothing as wrapping material. I can wrap my glasses with shirts and save a ton on packing, and help the environment too. Socks can cover my smaller fragile items, and it’s a perfect filler for those boxes you don’t want to shake around.

  • Adeline Ee

    We all have our responsibilities! It’s good to know that we can be frugal and yet move efficiently

  • Adeline Ee

    We all have our responsibilities! It’s good to know that we can be frugal and yet move efficiently… i used old clothing a lot as packing materials

  • Christine

    I usually feel guilty after i use, and throw out a lot of packing material. I’ll stick to recyclables from now on, thanks for the reminder!

  • Isabel

    I keep the boxes that were used for my previous removal. This way, I can already start packing fragile items long before the movers arrive to pack everything. In addition, I will not need new boxes since I recycle the old ones. Some get torn though, but most are intact. The boxes used by a professional moving company are quite sturdy so I make it a point to keep them for the next move or for storage purposes.

  • Sheila Chingwa

    Using my clothes to wrap my personal belongings. Brilliant Idea to protect my things. Using recycled boxes has always been a cheaper idea.

  • Jordan Potts

    Everybody’s concerned about the environment. These are
    great suggestions for making your move “green”. I
    used clothes to wrap dishes and ceramics and framed
    pictures. That worked great.

  • Sara

    I wish I read about this sooner. Using your clothes as a wrapping material is very smart. I should have thought of that.

  • Jhei

    Most of the boxes I purchase for whatever purpose are recycled or are green, so I got that part right already. Using clothes to keep fragile items safe from breakage is an awesome idea! A definite money saver. Just make sure to wash them well before doing so. You wouldn’t want to accidentally experience using a glass wrapped in a used sock in your new home, would you?

  • Shamkant Sukalikar.

    Thanks for taking such a great subject for online discussion because, making Eco-Friendly move is an activity which is of paramount importance. The ways explained to make a move Eco-Friendly are simple but most important is, they are very easy to follow and practice.Simple moves can produce great results.

  • Barbara Austin

    Newspapers are a fabulous way to help the Earth when you are moving.
    They are cheap and good for packing things, stuffing into spaces and
    cracks in your boxes. So you’re recycling twice, once when you read them
    and once when you use them for you move.

  • Toni Fontello

    It can be expensive to buy bubble wrap, boxes, styrofoam peanuts and other packaging materials. Those are great tips to use other items already in the house to protect possessions or packaging materials that are more biodegradable .

  • Yosleidis Fleitas

    I always used my clothes instead of bubble wrap. Also I’ve used rice to transport fine glass, like my grandmas’s china. Is great and reusable.

  • Daniel Ong

    Great article on eco friendly methods! I believe that saving the earth is our responsibility and great to be able to learn from some of these useful techniques! Great methods to be introduce to our daily life to not only save the earth but to also save us some money too!

  • Samantha

    We all want to minimize our footprint in this world and do more good than harm, these are a few more ways to do so!

  • lana

    using our clothing. never thought of it. it can save a lot of space too. thank you for the info. great post.

  • Yuen Ling Elaine Au Yeung

    “green move is a happy move, and a move you can feel good about long after you’ve settled in to your new place” What I think that, except for, green for moving, it is also, green for your home and general office environment. Using recycling products make your life easy and fresh.

  • Raju

    Nice information and very useful. In present days our eco system will get damage with our developing technology. Here we have nice information how to overcome these eco problems.

  • Jessie

    I’m surprised that no one has mentioned the super-green, eco-friendly decision to ship as little as possible! Moving is a great time to down-size all the unnecessary items that you own. Have a big garage sale, sell items on Craigslist, and donate to charities such as Goodwill, The Salvation Army, and Disabled American Veterans. The less you move, the greener you move!

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