The Best Places To Find Movers Online

places-to-look-for-moversWe offer listings and quotes for cross country moving, but you may be in need of more types of moving services. Here we will show you some of the top places to find, compare, and get quotes from movers for all types of moving.

When you are looking for movers it is just as important to get professional and licensed movers as it is to find a low price. These people will be handling all of your prized possessions and day to day items you use for living. So be smart when choosing how you search for movers.

Find Good Movers is a great moving resource for people looking to find local or long distance movers in their area. The great benefit to using a site like this is they give you options. When you arrive on the page for your city you will find information, listings, areas serviced, YouTube videos from movers and also a feed from Craigslist. This is your all in one shop for moving quotes right here.


Yelp is a great source for all types of home services. You can see reviews from other Yelp members to help you along when making a decision. Be a little weary of reviews as a lot are fake. But you can use your own judgement on that.


When using Google to find movers you get few options. There will be ads running from local and national movers when you search. There will also be local listing with reviews. Again, beware of reviews as some are always fake. Also remember not many people leave positive reviews so a couple negative ones are not a big problem.


The BBB is good place to find trusted and licensed movers. Remember that members must pay to be on here so you may be limited in the number of moving companies that appear. Most of the movers with C or above rating are pretty trustworthy.


Your Superpages experience will be somewhat similar to your experience with Yelp as it is a directory site. They have about the same amount of movers listed as well. It is just one more place where you can research the image of a moving company.


With Craigslist you must be weary of all movers you use as a lot of the people listed are not licensed. Now the benefit is that you can find a really cheap price for your move. Just be smart when choosing the company, or group of people to use for your move.

And of course if you are looking for a good cross country moving company… you are in the right place!